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Published on October th, 2010

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Review the Movie, Not the Trailer

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Movie Studios Are Forcing Hollywood to Abandon 35mm Film

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Hollywood Ate My Novel: Novelists reveal what it’s like to have their book turned into a movie

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Babies to Heroes: A Field Guide to Big-Screen Men

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Misinterpreting the Tomatometer

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Forking tracks: SOURCE CODE

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Women as Violent Characters in Movies

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Arthouse suspense: My month with Abbas and Joe

What movies get wrong about childbirth

Lights, Camera, Action: Sex in Cinema

Autism on film: can cinema get it right?

Pleased to meet you. What’s the greatest movie ever made?

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The eye’s mind

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The best scenes of 2010

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Generation Why?

Making of the West: Mythmakers and truth-tellers

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Girls on Film: Hollywood’s Dismissal of Violence Against Women

Intimacy at the Movies

Sound and fury

Mike Leigh’s women

New Zealand is still Middle-earth: A summary of the Hobbit crisis

When Biography Becomes Legend, Print the Legend: Carlos and The Social Network

The bromance, the betrayal, The Social Network

Film Pushes Malaysian Censorship Boundaries, but Not Too Far

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