Published on September th, 2010

The 500 Club is a Brisbane-based collective of film critics dedicated to reviewing movies 500 words at a time.

With a team of writers with backgrounds in screen theory and production, we aim to provide informed, considered perspectives on movies, both new and old, designed to inspire discussion and reflection.

500 words offers enough space to focus on the most important or interesting aspects of a film under discussion while also necessarily forcing us to be concise in our language and selective in our ideas. We never try to suggest that our reviews cover everything that could be said about particular films; rather, we attempt to use the 500 words to paint an overall picture of a film’s strengths and/or weaknesses, hone in on several of these in more depth, and spur further discussion amongst our writers and audience.

We react against reviews that simply offer a wealth of plot synopsis, with barely a hint of original analysis or evaluation. People who are interested in film beyond the most basic escapist level, who are interested in more complex discussions of narrative and style, crave more from movie reviews than this.

If you fit that description, we hope The 500 Club satisfies those cravings!